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Other Ways to Earn Credit

Add credits toward your degree

We’ve helped many students reduce the cost of their degree by leveraging their prior education, military experience, work experience, proven skills and more. See all the ways, in addition to coursework, you can earn credits you could use toward completing your degree.

Get your degree fast

We’re here to help you find the quickest, most affordable route to getting all the credits you need for your degree. There are many paths to getting there. For more information about alternative credit requirements, please refer to the Strayer University catalog

Pass exams

From Strayer’s own Challenge Exam, you can test out of certain required courses if you’ve already mastered the skills.

  • Prove your college-level knowledge
  • Many Strayer classes are eligible
  • Exams starting at just $20
See All The Exams

Use your experience

Show us what you know. Submit your previous experience: Transfer credits from other schools or send us your military record and professional certifications.

  • Transfer credits
  • Corporate and military training and other certifications
  • Life experience can count, too
See How It Works

Take other affordable online classes

We award credit for certain online courses taught by other organizations. Earn your degree fast and save on tuition.

  • Submitted courses reviewed by Strayer for quality
  • General education courses available from Sophia Learning
  • Courses offered by Straighterline
  • Many online degree courses available
See The Requirements