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If you’re running around from class to work to home (and you probably are) chances are you have a bag brimming with books, papers and other miscellania to have on hand. But to secure your success, you may be missing some key items from your bag. Luckily, we’ve rounded them up so you’ll always be prepared.


Business cards seem like a no-brainer, but check your bag right now and see if you have any. You never know who you’re going to meet on a given day and instead of having to scribble your name and number on a wrinkled napkin, it’s best to be prepared.


We live in a tech-saturated world, that’s no surprise, so when you’re on-the-move it’s imperative to always be juiced up. Don’t let an important email go unanswered because you’re at 5% battery. There are tons of portable chargers out there (some for less than $20!) so invest in this career-saving piece.


While we have the ability to take notes on mobile phones, this isn’t an ideal way to take notes. Speakers and co-workers are apt to believe you’re not paying attention while your nose is buried in your phone. Don’t let them think you’re texting or scrolling through Facebook--carry a pen and notepad to make it clear that you aren’t just listening to them, but deeply invested in what they say. Plus, taking notes the old-fashioned way will probably make you remember them better.


Even if we brush our teeth after every meal, there’s always a chance our breath may be less than fresh throughout the day. And if you’re talking to someone important in close quarters, that could be disastrous. While you don't have to carry a medicine cabinet in your bag, some mints, deodorant and floss may be enough to save you while you’re on-the-go from an embarrassing faux pas.


A mobile life means mobile meals are sometimes necessary--don’t let lack of time keep you from powering up. Granola bars, dried fruit, juices, whatever you like, you should always pack a snack.   With your bag packed with these tools, you'll always be prepared, never missing out on an opportunity. Remember during your time at Strayer that taking such small steps can have such a huge impact on your academic and professional career and lead you down the path to success!


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