At Strayer University, we’ve been educating working adults since 1892.  That’s over 120 years of helping people earn their degree and advance their lives.  Over the years, that promise has evolved to stay in touch with the times. We offered our first online class in 1996, and today, we offer a wide range of degree programs. Here are five online degrees with the Strayer University touch that will prepare you for success in any career venture you pursue.

  1. Master of Education – Instructional Technology
    Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Instructional Technology  is designed for the educators, and students, of the 21st century. As technological advancements enhance and impact our everyday lives, the latest developments are integrated into education to prepare students for success in a technology-driven society. This degree teaches you skills to “enrich and transform” the educational experience by evaluating and integrating technology into the classroom. Some of the invaluable skills developed by the M.Ed. in Instructional Technology include:
    • Instructional Design
    • Curriculum Development
    • Technology training
    • Distance Education
    • e-Learning
    • LMS (Learning Management Systems) Management.
  2. Master of Science in Information Systems
    Today’s global economy is immersed in technology and data and there’s an increasingly high demand for professionals trained in the management of information technologies. The 
    Master of Science in Information Systems  prepares you for work in many different industries. All businesses and organizations rely on the digital storage of information and the MS in Information Systems provides you with a diverse range of options for career growth. Information systems professionals maintain extensive computer systems and databases and an MS in Information Systems will even prepare you to manage those networks. Tailor your program to your career goals with these  concentrations :
    • Computer Forensic Managemen
    • Computer Security Management
    • Enterprise Network Management
    • Information Systems Management
    • IT Project Management
    • Software Engineering Management
  3. Master of Science in Management
    A key principle of Strayer University’s mission to help adults advance their careers is instilling leadership. Effective leaders manage diverse teams of professionals with a solid educational background and the 
    Master of Science in Management  can help you excel at this. This degree focuses on developing natural leadership skills that will help you lead great teams. Managers who ensure their teams work efficiently are invaluable to the overall success of a company. The  MS in Management  prepares you for becoming an integral part of a company’s well-being with three concentrations:  leadership, marketing management, and project management.
  4. Jack Welch Executive MBA
    Jack Welch Executive Master of Business Administration  (MBA) is geared towards professionals seeking to advance their careers while continuing to work. These students usually occupy a midlevel position and are looking to rise to even higher managerial or executive roles. Guided by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric and founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute, this executive MBA integrates teachings from some of the world’s leading experts and prepares students for success in today’s business world.
  5. Jack Welch Executive Certificates
    Jack Welch Executive Certificates  prepare experienced professionals for growth and advancement. These certificates are shorter in length (6 weeks) than the Executive MBA , however they focus on quickly expanding your skills and reinforcing the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your practical business experience. The two Jack Welch Executive Certificates include ·
    • Becoming a Leader: for first-time managers that teaches students how to manage, motivate, develop and inspire their teams.
    • Creating a Winning Strategy: for students to learn how to analyze various factors and incorporate them into business strategies for their teams’ success. The online degrees at Strayer University utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver a quality education that empowers you to pursue the career of your dreams.

These five programs are just several of a wide range—an example of the diversity and paths available. The focus of these degrees—learning technologies, information systems and management—demonstrate a combination of innovation and education that defines Strayer University’s commitment to advancement.


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